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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Mist Marijuana Mystics McLeodganj

The sight, smell, taste and noises were as mesmerizing as the touch of moist air on a perspiring face under Bhagsu fall. After a trek on a mountain with weed(s) growing all around, at a place where it seems as the inhabitants are smoking up in the basements of the town, planing to change the ways the worlds run, cold water numbs the warm feet as if caught paralysis.

A tingling sensation overwhelms the legs, while moving out of the water and climbing an ice cold mineral mass of a slanting slab edging away from the rock under the waterfall.

Hippies and Tibetans give the noir the completeness of a captivating land that grips the brain cells as a fascinating magnet spellbinding the spirit with charm.

Indian faces seem rare as one makes way through the bustling streets of McLeodganj. Indianism eliminates as one enters the town. The ambiance of the place takes up the responsibility to seduce. Sipping Jasmine flowers in hot water add to the moments of overflowing pleasure.

Mist surrounds a second after a warm Sun shines past the shadows of mountains. Rain drops pour as if its a free. Trippy incense compliments the magical aura inside the Dalai Lama monastery where walls with Kalchakra prints cause hypnosis. Displays of Tibetan culture and craft mesmerizes the five senses at Norbulinka with the excellence of human harmony with nature envelops the mind, body and soul as white light penetrating through a clear crystal and engulfing a chamber filled otherwise with complexity and agitation, making it pure, clean, soothing and pleasant.

A view of the Dhauladhar gives an awe inspiring jealousy of not being at the place for ever.