random toons

Saturday, May 29, 2010

on the inside..flying through darkness..trip

vent in numbness,

issue me a passport to oblivion.
amputate complexity,
and chaos.

expunge ramifications and intricacies. # <---- feel like


Sunday, May 9, 2010


Musicians often wander playing music in the derb. Here was one right outside our house. His music was haunting and lovely at the same time.

I sometimes feel enchanted by things. This was one such moment. The acoustic sounds rang in my head like waves of hypnosis. It was a state of unending dimensionality. Every change in the notes felt disturbingly mesmerizing.

Moving out of my bedroom, I passed through the lobby to see him. I stood close to the kitchen window, peeking at a sharp angle to get a glimpse of the man, but I couldn't. Gauging direction of the sounds, I ran to the balcony across the cross sectional diagonal of our drawing room to catch him.

Unfortunately, he was too fast.

Now whenever I listen to the chanting in a mosque, I recall the incident when I was seduced by the musician as I picture a poor, shabby artist playing a heavy bass on a flute.