random toons

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


It was May 11, 2009. I had to go to my office to get a report evaluated. It was a scorching Sun, like a ball of fire, looking down upon me asking "enjoying..eh!!" and then vehemently laughing as I perspired.

It was 11:47am and I got a flat. Took my bike to the nearest petrol pump and stood there as the mechanic told me that the tube that the tyre had was a misfit. I asked him to replace it with the right size one. However, the mechanic told me that he didn't have any new tubes, but could make some "jugadu" arrangements with another used misfit.

As I instructed him, I saw a very beautiful chameleon - half muddy brown, half green; it got down from a tree. It was an interesting situation. The chameleon approached a pile of dead leaves. It waited, moved with subtle grace, changing its color to that of dust now, moving each leg just a centimeter towards the leaves. It seemed that the four legged little guy was looking for something. Food. I waited and watched, not paying attention whether the mechanic was fixing my tyre or ruining it.

The chameleon moved towards the dead brown leaves near the tree at the roadside. It made me feel that an insect was about to be made dead. But it went past the dead brown leaves near the tree at the roadside.

I looked closely observing what it was doing. The creature moved each limb with unmatched grace. Taking it's time. Not looking in any other direction. Probably it had all its senses alert to evade any enemy/prey that wanted to consume it, however I of course could not see. And it went past the brown leaves, slowly, turning grey, climbing a boulder now.

Something else was the target. All of a sudden, the chameleon dug its face into the silvery stone. It took the reptile a split of a second at enormous speed to do that. Up rose the head that was chewing onto something. An ant; maybe.

The bike was ready to hit the road. I paid the guy 60 bucks and was off to East of Kailash.