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Thursday, October 9, 2008

life is intelligent

I had to go to Mohali to see my grandma. It was raining and the traffic was chaotic. I stoped at a signal near Sector-26 in Chandigarh. The heavy transport was high for the nearing festival season. Trucks and lorries carried indstrial load for the economic zone to the left of the road. Light vehicles intended to go to the city. It was a T point and I had to go straight.

The road had mango plantation on the both sides. The greenery was lush and beautiful.

There were police officers trying to challan the offenders. The the most obedient towards traffic rules and thus wary of dangers, accidental hazzards and health problems was a dog.

This clever dog that I saw waited at the signal behind a horse cart till it was red. No sooner than the signal turned green the dog started running underneath the cart to save itself from the terrible traffic and the rain.

It is such a general sight. Something one wouldn't ponder about. But I don't know why I did contemplate and thought about the dog running under the cart.

Life is intelligent. It observes the surrounding environment. Measures the parameters of existence and quantitates the variables of necessity. Life calculates the availability of these variables and gauges their benefits. There can be instances of circumstantial deficit in variable resources in which case beings try and avail substitutes of the required. Adaptability of life towards its facultative surroundings is vey interesting.

It is a change in the organism in order to live successfully. Adapting in the environment enables it to cope with bionomic pressure and stresses. The underlying genetic basis for adaptability in an organism arose because of greed. Every life form wants to survive and in the process moves towards attaining that particular resource variable which gives it maximum advantage. This is a phenomenon where a bearer of the genetic argument selects something which is more likely to support its survival.

It was very interesting to see what the dog did.

Monday, September 15, 2008


Sunday, August 3, 2008

..advertising war..

Some information that you need to know before you see the Ads:-
1. BMW started this Advertisement
2. Audi Answered
3. Subaru needed to say something
4. Bentley Chairman wanted the last word

Friday, August 1, 2008

brain is self organizing system

The brain is a self organizing system which processes information derived from external data. In solving situations it forms asymmetric problems which need mathematical moves to switch between patterns. These movements are lateral and thus require lateral thinking on one's part. Or more precisely, from the brain, because a being is null and not rational without brain.

In any logical self organizing system there is a need to escape from a local optimum in order to move towards a global optimum. Lteral thinking is an outcome of provocation of the brain from assumptions that the brain itself creaters to ease the change in thinking.

..my 10th grade Social Studies teacher..

I was a bright student. At least people used to think that. But the irony was that I never got marks. I had my summer vacation and all the teachers gave us home work so that we came prepared for the course that was to be taught after the break.
And there was My Social Science teacher. She was one of the most strict teachers in the school and the most peculiar thing about her was that the distance between two of her hair was almost equal to the distance between the two inner ends of the brim of the toilet seat.

Something like this:
(hair 1) (hair 2)

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

..man is like a fraction..

man is like a fraction, numerator being what he is and denominator beign what he thinks of himself as. higher the denominator, lower the fraction...