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Sunday, April 16, 2006


Mom told me to help her with the curtains. They were synthetic. I was in constant touch with them, pulled the rings off of them, took them down. Then as I put my hands under the tap to wash them....

Electrostatic Shock.

The body lost electrons and attained an unstable negative charge state. It got attrated to the slightly negatively charged Oxygen atoms of water and produced static electricity.

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Indo-US Nuclear Deal.

It is a landmark nuclear deal between the United States and India.

India and USA decided to turn a new leaf in the bilateral relationship. Bush administration declared its ambition to achieve full civil nuclear energy cooperation with India. This would require agreement from the U.S. Congress to adjust U.S. laws and policies. Also required is work with friends and allies to adjust international regimes to enable full civil nuclear energy cooperation and trade with India, including but not limited to expeditious consideration of fuel supplies for safeguarded nuclear reactors.

India will have the same responsibilities and practices and acquire the same benefits and advantages of other leading countries with advanced nuclear technologies.

This new treaty would recognize india as a nuclear weapon state, officially. The deal requires the separation of civil and military facilities in a phased manner and the filing of a declaration about its civilian facilities to the International Atomic Energy Agency (I.A.E.A.).

I'd say that th Secretart of State Condollezza Rice would have to do some serious home work convincing the Congressional members to ammend the US law.
Similar negative approaches have been observed in our home also. BJP has criticised the pact. Ironically, it was the B.J.P. that laid the foundations of the emerging U.S.-India strategic partnership.

Vajpayee argued that the Indian govt had surrendered its right to determine what kind of nuclear deterrent it should have in the future based on its own threat perception. He said that it would require huge costs to separate the civil and military nuclear installations. Aslo it would put restrictions on the Indian nuclear research program.

What I feel about this deal is that it would surely put India amonst the globally ordered nuclear states and would make some allies, also it would make sure not to look at India through the prism of non-proliferation.

Thursday, April 13, 2006


Its a bit ironic that sometimes its really hard to explain certain things that we claim to possess.
What is Mind?
I don't think there's a single answer that explains the phenomenon of mind.
Is Mind an object? If one day the electrical and chemical processes in the brain are understood completely, would it explain Mind? Would this understanding account for all faculties including intelligence, consciousness, emotion? I think it is a fascinating phenomenon. And its illusive.

There's a question...what do we learn? Its really simple to answer. Just say something in relation to the things we absorbed and contextually explain it in jargons and certain technical terms to convince that we really learnt it.

But....How do we learn?
Its different from how do we retain memory..retention is an elecrical phenomenon resulting from deposition of calcium in brain cells and capacitating the static within.

Why is it true that "practice makes a man perfect"...how is it possible that our thinking, our intelligence, and our way of percieving instantaneous activities evolves. And...why does it evolve?

What is there that is called the mind....that very phenomenon which makes all this possible.

I'd say that mind is a collection of conscious and unconscious processesthat influence our mental and physcal behaviour.
Mind is where things like ego, love, arrogance, care, hatered, hollowness, pain, laughter, sorrow....all generate..

What the hell is it...........not at all physical atleast...

Thursday, April 6, 2006

Sensex: 11,746

Dalal Street climbed to a new closing high.
The unbridled bull run is continuing without any break.

With the Sensex hitting 11,746, the Index soared with a gain of 467 points in 3 goddamned days. Investors may now shrug of concerns about stretched valuations and I believe that now the focus would be on robust fund inflows and expectations for strong fiscal during the fourth-quarter earnings.

Cement, drug and software were major gainers. The peak was at 11,755 points.

Money is pouring in from the FIIs (Foreign Institutional Investors), and mutual funds.
This year foreign funds allowed a gain of 25% to the index with whoping $4 billion inflow.

The price-earning ratio (P/E) has hit 21.62. A high P/E indicates the high earning potential of the corporate sector. It means that the market is getting overvalued..the market has put a much more optimistic and more expensive value on the shares.