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Monday, December 19, 2005

Porn in Pockets, thank the iPod

Sex even sells in tiny packages, especially when its portable.

An online social network of amateur pinup girls said that it logged 50000 downloads of sexy featurettes-three to five minute video clips- in the first 24 hours targetting the new iPod-toting crowd.

Apple Computer Inc's new video-playing iPod unvieled the viewing of vidoe flicks, whose use has been largely restricted to the privacy of homes and theatres, in open public of parks and mass transit, by all ages. Porn is no doubt a big business on the Web.

The internet accounted for $2.5 billion of the adult industy's $i4 billion in US revenues last year, which is the same as revenues from cable and satellite pay-per-view showings. Now, the adult video producers like Vivid Entertainment are offering high resolution skin flicks specifically for use on iPod and other portables.

iTunes online already features several hot and heavy podcasts, audio downloads geared to portability. The Apple officials have even refused requests for interviews on whether they might offer adult content on iTunes for iPod owners.

Children are much quicker to grasp technology that their parents, and thus its now easier than ever for minors to view X-rated content on portabes like Sony PlayStation Portable, iPod. The arena is wide open, unfiltered, unrestricted, for adult content. Children are very aware of where it is and how to down load it.

But I think its fine.

Thursday, December 8, 2005

Slide show

After a long steady climb upwards for over a year, the rupee seemed to be depreciating against the dollar just after mid-year.

From Rs 43.37 to a dollar on August 1, the currency steadily slipped to 43.92 on September 14, 44.3 on October 3 and now to 45.84 (November 23). Some analysts, mainly foreign, have hinted at a lower band of 48 in the next few months. Does this mean that foreign investors with their deep wallets have found better pastures to graze? Will the stockmarket fall back to its mundane levels? Is the party finally, finally over?

Prompted by the falling rupee, the FIIs were net sellers of equities worth over Rs 2,250 crore in October. High growth and rising external deficits should continue to put pressure on the rupee, which could in turn lead to self-reinforcing capital outflows from equity and cash markets, forcing the currency down further. The virtuous cycle of strong flows, low rates, rising consumption, higher growth and strong corporate fundamentals will likely end.But the RBI is okay with rupee's decline, has hardly intervened by selling dollars. Nor has it talked it up with rhetoric.

The India story is still strong and moving investor hearts. As a result, the long-term tendency of the rupee is to appreciate. Clearly, the recent gyrations of the rupee are a result of allowing market forces to take over, especially the build-up of a current account deficit, and partly owing to build-up of seasonal expectations like the arrival of harvests, festival demand and FII profitbooking. It's also a way of the RBI to test its resilience.

Tuesday, December 6, 2005


It is true that we are compelled to move within the circumstances we have created in the past and the conditions which we have inherited in the present, but it is also true that we are quite free to modify them. Freedom exists at the heart of man, that is in his Overself. Fate exists on the surface life of man, that is in his personality. And as man himself is a compound of both these beings, neither the absolute fatalist nor the absolute free-will positionis wholly correct and his external life must also be a compound of freedom and fate.

Friday, December 2, 2005

BSE index new high-9057.97

BSE benchmark index got as high as 9057.97 points today. The Foreign Institutional Investors have been pouring in money pretty generously. During the first three days of the week about Rs 674 crores were pumped in. During November itself, hefty net investments of Rs 4449 crores were recorded.  Infosys, ICICI, ONGC, L&T, Tata Motors, Tata Steel, HDFC, BHEL, SBI, Hindustan Liver Ltd etc were remarkably higher on fresh buying support.
Sustained FI inflow has been occuring since the past 10or so months which is proving really nice for the India Inc.