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Monday, September 26, 2005

Dangerous Liaisons

Throughout recent history, the West has used surrogates to fight ita wars which enables it to obtain victories on the cheap. The downside, however, is that the victories are seldom decisive, as the surrogates in turn rise to challange the west.

This gives rise to an unending cycle with the west needing more surrogates to fight its former surrogates.

The instance of World War II is special to look at the pattern. The UK-USA histories produce the overwhelming impression that the British and American forces were instrumental in ridding Europe of Nazi tyranny. More than 80% casualties of German origion were caused not by the US or the UK but by the Soviet forces. The pay-off was to cede half of Europe to Stalin, the then soviet Czar.

To suppress an emerging super power, the USSR, the same pattern repeated itself in 1980s when the West decided to train and arm an Islamist guerrilla force operating in Afghanistan, and headquartered in Pakistan, and formed ISI.

This was like financing one's own assassins.

The Soviets invaded Afghanistan, and this brought about a strange love affair between the West and the Sunni Islamists (the Taliban). Now the West is all agains the Taliban, they even played battle against the Taliban.

The same thing has happened again. To suppress Talibanists, teh West did a tango with General Musharraf.

First, to end Nazi rule, they sought help from Soviet forces.Second, to destroy USSR, the needed Taliban.Third, they wanted Pakistan to help curb Taliban in Afghanistan.

The ISI (Pakistan) had formed MAK(Maktab al-Khidmat) under the watchful eye of CIA(America) to fight the Soviets.

MAK was lead by none other that Osama bin Laden.The now Al-Qaida has been morphed out of MAK.

The West now (after 9/11) seeks help to end Al-Qaida and other associated terrorist groups.